DIY Photo Booth

When throwing a party, you must always have that ONE thing that stands out.  This being only the second get together at our new house, I tried to think outside the box on what people might like to enjoy.  I came up with a DIY photo booth.

What you need:

∴ Wrapping Paper

∴ Scissors

∴ Decorations (I used hanging stars, and ornaments from Christmas)

∴ Photo Booth Props

∴ Last but not least, a camera and a tripod

I literally measured out two sections of my wall and rolled the wrapping paper all the way down.  Then I taped it, and rolled the second section all the way down the wall, cut off the excess paper and taped it.  I then taped the streamers and ornaments to the paper, and called it a DIY photo booth!

Simple ♦ Easy ♦ Fun

Here is the result:


Images taken by me.

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

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