My Christmas Wish List

I have wanted to post this list for a while now, but I kept feeling like I shouldn’t put out there what I need/want, when so many people out there, are going without.

It wasn’t until yesterday, after teaching/showing Brielle the importance of donating and helping others in need, that I decided it was ok for me to put out a few things that would make my Christmas a little better! And, it’s ok if I get nothing from the list! 🙂

Here are my top 5 Christmas gift requests!

  1. ‘I did my best Journal’ from Glam and Paper.  I am thinking about hopefully starting to write my first book next year, so I definitely need a journal to do it in! And how adorable is this thing? Rose Gold? Hello!

journal glam and paper

2.  A brand-new Agenda! I have already been gifted a small one, but it doesn’t exactly fit everything I need, so I am keeping that one just for Brielle–related items.  This one is has enough room to write on each day, and the gold polka-dots won me over! They are so cute! I love me some Glam and Paper!

planner glam and paper

3. These Kendra Scott earrings.  I have seen SO many people wear them, and I still love them! They don’t go “out of style”, and if you ask me, anything that is pink and gold is seriously a must-have! 🙂

kendra scott rose

4.  A google play gift card. I am expanding my blogging reach, and trying to create/organize as best as I can, but that requires some apps that could better help me get it done! They are about $3.99/each and so a gift card would be the perfect way to help make that possible! $10 could go a long way! 😉



5.  Last, but not least, is a new book! I love to read, and of course Oprah releases her complete book club list, and it makes me want to buy each one of them! I have actually read a few, but I would love to re-read them as an adult, and having a different outlook on life!  This one below looks rather interesting, but honestly, any of them would work! 🙂

oprah book club

That’s all for now! I am super excited about giving gifts this year, and I tried some simple DIY ones, that I can’t wait to share, once they have opened them of course! 🙂

Happy Holidays, Everyone!



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