11 months later..Magic

From the moment you entered this world,

with your blue-tinged fingers and toes,

God instilled life into you.

He gave you the strength to breathe,

to cry, and to know when you were hungry.

The ability to experience pain,

but also comfort and joy.

The courage to speak ,

through your bold dark eyes,

and your slow twitching head,

when you got so mad.

The ability to know love,

on such a deeper and powerful level.

Your body responded so well to touch,

and to voices that you recognized.

You also loved to be held all the time,

and cuddled up close to someones neck,

in the knee-chest position.

Through the many trials and tribulations,

you continued to defy all odds placed against you.

You created a new image for Trisomy 13 babies,

and you showed people to look deeper than your “label”.

You showed me how to take my label of a “nurse” off (at times),

and realized what a precious gift from God I had in my arms.

You were the rock,

when everything was falling apart,

and you somehow drew our family closer than ever before.

The day you left to go be with your brother,

was unlike no other.

I have seen patients pass away before,

but nothing like yours.

You were in my arms,

and I never wanted to let you go.

Yet, it was like pure magic.

Spirit drifted out of your body,

and I all of the sudden

got this overwhelming feeling

that you were gone.

That’s the moment,

your Daddy and I knew,

life would never be the same.

11 months have passed,

yet it still feels like it was yesterday.

We will miss you forever Rochelle Elaine Johnson. 11/6/15-1/7/15


 ©2015 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “11 months later..Magic

  1. just read your story at the farmers wife. we also have a son and daughter in heaven. they were both healthy but a malformation of my uterus (that I had had surgery to repair, it just didn’t fix it like they thought) caused them to be still born. hardest times of our lives. they happened at two different time but we have a miracle 5 1/2 year old and another miracle 1 1/2 year old. my best friend had a son with trisomy 18 who fought for 15 days, 10 of those at home. my heart just breaks when I imagine what you felt after getting to know your daughter for two months and then saying goodbye. we got to hold our son (our daughter was too small) and I still sleep with the blanket he was wrapped in every night. 🙂 so thankful for our relationship with God and that He chose to use us to hopefully grow His kingdom.

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  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Only those of us who have experienced this kind of loss, can understand what we are going through/feel. I am so happy God blessed you with two healthy babies as well! My heart and prayers goes out to you and your friend, for having to experience a loss with her son, but I am so glad that God provided her 15 days with her son. I cherish those sweet, sweet blankets as well! Thank you so much for reading my blog and following along. I will be sure to follow along your journey as well! Let your friend know that she can reach out to me as well, if she ever wants to talk, my email is sheridan.johnson12@gmail.com.


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