Accepting children for who they are-section 9

In section 9, Sara talks about the importance of just accepting children for who they are.

Find moments to connect instead of correct today. Show your children they are supported and accepted for who they are.

This section, is definitely something I have had to learn and work in the past couple of months. Brielle is SO similar to me, that she drives me absolutely crazy at times.  I am so shocked, that such a little person, can carry such a big personality.

She is head-strong, hates to back down from an argument, and does not really like to talk to people she doesn’t know, oh and the best for last–she hates compliments (especially about how cute she is, or how pretty her hair is!) Ding Ding, welcome to a 2 year old version of myself.  I did not think such a thing would exist, or that she would be SO like me, and not like Shane.  I always wished she would get Shane’s strong, likable, friendly personality, but nope, she’s all me.  Well, she definitely got his looks, but the inside is all momma.

I think it’s hard for me, not to want to fix everything I don’t like about myself, which in turn, I don’t want her to do either, instead of just embracing the girl she is becoming.  I have started to embrace her outspoken-ness, even if it sometimes comes out sounding straight rude. I have accepted the fact that she will not share everything she has with someone else, or always say thank-you on her own (or when prompted to).  She is just who she is.

She LOVES music, and I truly think she is going to do something with that passion, later in life.  She is so good at memorizing choreography already, that I won’t be surprised if she does amazing in dance class in a couple of years.  She is a grazer, and even though it irritates me at times that she won’t eat a complete meal, and just after I get done cleaning, she asks for a snack, I know that,that is who she is.  She has always been a grazer, and there is really no changing that. She is opinionated, and outspoken, and I love that she is truly learning what she wants in life, and is definitely saying it!

She is Brielle Diane Johnson, and I love her to death.

Mommy and baby girl!

©2015 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

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