Hellllloo Friday!

This week was definitely a relaxing/fun filled week! We have officially moved in to our new house (YAY!!) and have finally have gotten everything in order, and got to relax. We still have a few things that need to be fixed on the house itself, and have yet to receive our A/C unit (hopefully next week, thank goodness the heater is electric), but we are so beyond thankful and blessed to be living in our first house!
Since it’s Friday, I will write down 5 things that happened this week!

  1. I finally scheduled to get internet to come out! It is going to be 4-6 weeks before they can make it.. haha the joys of the living in the country! I am so thankful that my mom suggested turning on the mobile wi-fi hot spot, which makes it possible for your phone to give wi-fi to other devices at the same time.. yay!
  2. We got to spend Wednesday afternoon over at Caitlin and Rodney’s house (her twin sister Courtney and her kids came over too which made me extra happy!), and the kids loved spending time together and getting to play.  Caitlin’s son, James, told us that Brielle “is my girl” haha! SO stinkin’ cute!  Caitlin cooked us a delicious meal and Brielle got to run all of her energy out before having to head home!
  3. Brielle, Shane and I got to attend the ornament decoration at Dell’s Medical Center, which was hosted by the palliative care team at the hospital, sMiles4Sammy, and CaseyBarnes.org.  It was such an honor to be able to honor Lamar and Rochelle in making special ornaments that will be hung up on a beautiful tree, for everyone to see this season.  Shane and I were thankful beyond words, and we love attending anything in which we honor our love for our angel babies and share their stories. ( I will do separate blog posts about their organizations as well soon!)
  4. I helped my father-in-law put the electrical wiring together for our house, and place a braker box to the house for the septic tank (since we got the aerobic one which is run off of electricity), which is something that I would NEVER wanted/been interested in doing, but I must say that I loved learned how it all works and how it is all hooked up to my house.  I have the knowledge now, that if something major happens in any part of the house, I know how to shut off everything, or just certain areas of the house where the problem occurs.  I rely on Shane so much to be the only one who should know how things work on the house/the outside of the house, and I must say, that I feel much more safer/confident knowing all of it now.
  5. Our friend George sat down with me for a quite a while and explained to me the basics of photography and how I can really improve on my picture taking skills.  I always rely on the “auto” setting, or the pre-programmed setting that I haven’t really ever sat down to read the basics about my camera and how to improve my picture taking skills.  Hey, it turns out, that when you program is manually, the pictures turn out WAY better, what a coincidence!! 😉 Thanks George for sitting down with me and teaching me things I can now use forever!

Here are some pictures from the week!

On our first walk at the new house!
James, Brielle, Addison
James an his “girl”
Daddy daughter time
making Rochelle’s ornament
Mommy and baby girl!
our new county!

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