Everday Connection-section 8

In this section, Rachel talks about how important it is just to have an everyday connection with your child.

  • Is your child particularly affectionate?
  • Do they enjoy talking out their thoughts?
  • What are they interested in which you can participate in or encourage them in?

I do feel that me and Brielle have an amazing connection.  It’s just something about a mother and a daughter that is just unbreakable.  I love the relationship I have with my mom, and through thick and thin, she has always been there for me.  I only hope that Brielle and I can continue the closeness that we do have, and develop it into a lifelong friendship.

  •  The answer to the first answer is yes.  She is amazingly affectionate towards those that she loves.  I love the way she loves me and our family.  She also is crazy affectionate (kisses, hugs, holds hands) with her close friends that she calls her “best friend”.
  • The answer to the second is also a yes.  She LOVES to talk, to anything and everything.  All.Day.Long.  I don’t think she is really “quiet” unless she is napping, or has her paci in her mouth randomly.  I love finding out each and every day what she is thinking, learning, and how much her brain is expanding into forming memories, and making new ones.
  • The third answer is her toys, babies, and puzzles..  Brielle particularly loves to play “pretend” with her babies (feed them, change them, cuddle them), but she also loves to figure things out.  She loves when Shane and I watch her do something “new” on her own, and lately that has been to figure out new pieces of the 63 piece puzzle that go together.  Since she is an only child, spending one on one with either one of us, means SO much to her, and I have to remember to really make more of an effort to do that more often!

I love this 30 days connected series, and I can’t wait to do the last few sections!


Love the two of them SO much!

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