Really Listening- Section 7

In section 7 of the 30 days towards connected parenting, Sara focuses on how important it is for us to be really listening to our children. How important it is to:

  • stop and listen
  • show you understand
  • validate concerns
  • accept feelings

I have really noticed that Brielle focuses and appreciates SO much when I am looking at her when she is talking to me, or when we are doing activities together.  I have focused so much on this within the last month, and I can tell a lot changes that have taken place.

It has a lot to do with “unplugging” when I am with her, and doing something that requires one on one attention such as learning time, puzzles, reading books, etc.  I have noticed that it carries on to places outside of the home as well such as the grocery store, the gym, etc., and I love it.  I think she loves being more happy and not whining/complaining as well! 😉

At the end of the post, Sara asked what has been the hardest of these for you to overcome?

For me, I would have to say validating her concerns.  Brielle seems to be aware of a LOT more going on around her, and has questions/statements about everything.  As of this last month, she is now afraid of trains (the sound of a train passing on a track), random noises (she hears everything!), horses, etc., and I have to make an effort to really listen to all  of her concerns, even if I think they are silly. It’s interesting because she is a lot like me, in the fact that I was scared of everything when I was little (the dark, lightning, rain, noises, being by myself, etc.) and she reminds me a lot of me! I let her know that I hear her fears, that we can face them together and I will give her the guidance to face them by herself.  I let her know that she can always count on me to be the shoulder to lean on, or if she just needs a hug to feel comfort.  I love the moments that allow us to grow deeper into our relationship, and closer to one another.


Facing her fears.

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