Throw that out!

So after visiting my best friend, a couple of weeks ago, we got to talking and visiting and catching up on life.  Well, when it was time for me to get ready to see Val and the girls, she noticed me using the same make-up from YEARS ago.  I mean, the same eye-shadow pallet that I have had for a few years.  Her exact words were “omg, girl throw that out!”

So, of course, at that current time and place, I could not. I went home and thought about some beauty products that definitely needed to get thrown out!

Starting with, my brush.  I got this pink brush, about 3 years ago.  Yes, I know that’s absolutely gross.  Well, when you think about how many brushes it has been used in, is even more gross.  It’s just something that has not been on my list to get, in a long while.  I am glad that she told me this statement, because it made me realize that I haven’t bought myself any “new” beauty products in years.  I am VERY happy with this new revlon, detangler brush.  It’s smooth, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Next, is my blush.  I dare to say, that I have this same blush for almost 4 years.  Granted, I don’t use it often, but that’s insane! It never triggered me, how long I have been using this same color, for years.  Thank goodness, I got this updated, newer/better color for my skin tone, blush by ELF and I love it so far.  I used it today for a birthday party, and I could tell the difference it made on my skin! Crazy how new make-up makes you feel!

Then, came my eyeshadow.  I have had this maybelline eyeshadow for 5+ years. I used to use it ALL the time, until it ran out of the lighter/white color that I used all of, and I would still continue to scrape the side of the make-up box to get the last remains of the color.  I must say, this new Maybelline eyeshadow definitely looked perfect with my skin tone, and I was SO happy it came with an eyeshadow brush as well!

Last, was my mousse.  The mousse on the right (by Herbal Essence) is not necessarily old, it has just been my GO-TO product for years on end.  I have not ventured far away from this one,in years.   It leaves my hair crunchy, and I have never really LOVED it, even after all of these years.  I thought this would be a perfect time to try something new.  I bought this Pantene for curls whipped cream, and it is purely heaven.  I mean, it smells amazing, feels amazing, and you use a LOT less mousse to get the desired effect.  The best part is, my hair feels SOFT, all day!

I must say thank you to Adriane, for yet again, inspiring me to do something different.  I am one to stick to the same habits/routines, and not venture out to try something new.

With that said, out with the old, and in with the new! I trashed all the old products, and have opened/ started to use all the new ones.IMG_1960.JPG

Cheers to not making this same mistake, again!




8 thoughts on “Throw that out!

    1. So funny, because I would probably do that exact same thing! My best friend would probably say to do so, and buy a new updated version (hopefully it’s just as cute!) lol! 🙂

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    1. I SO need to learn to let go of things sooner, instead of keeping things for so long! But in all actuality, I don’t even think about it, until it’s broken, or I need something else to replace it! lol!

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