Working Together

In this section part 6, of the 30 days towards connected parenting,  Rachel talks about working together and treating our children like human beings, instead of having something done to them, try doing it with them.  She focuses on how important involvement, self respect and confidence, and forming boundaries are.

I feel like I have been hesitating on posting this section, because this past week has been pure hell  insanity from Brielle. It’s like someone traded toddlers with me or something.  Her behaviors have been out of this world with hitting, kicking, talking back, crying, you name it, she’s done it.  She even went as far as to sit in the middle of the isle of Hobby Lobby today, refusing to walk.

Tomorrow is a new fresh day, and I have decided to solely focus on her, and do whatever she would like to do, all day.  I want to see how it will work out for me, since it seems to be the frustration that she lets out is from being told “no”.   I need to work on forming boundaries that don’t necessarily involve a punishment, and just to let her know that these are expectations that we should all follow in the house.

I know that she has great self-respect and confidence, because every morning when I am doing her hair she says “I love my curly hair, I am SO pretty!”  I know that I have to really work on not saying anything negative about my weight/body/appearance around her, because she is ALWAYS watching or listening to what I am saying or doing.  I want her to know that no matter what anyone else says about her, she should always remember that God loves her and He finds her beautiful and that’s truly all that matters.

This series definitely is teaching me great things that I would like to change about myself and my parenting tactics, and I am loving all the information Rachel and Sara both provide to us moms, in order to become better at working more as a team with our children.


Love her more than she will ever know!
Love her more than she will ever know!

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