Oh Happy Day! It’s Friday!

Hope everyone has had a great week! I definitely have to say that this one has been one of the best weeks I have had in a while!

Here are my top 5 favorites from this week:

–I actually had a mommy vacation, when my parents decided to take Brielle down to the coast for the night, which meant I had an entire day to myself! It was utterly amazing getting a pedicure, eyebrows threaded, a ton of shopping (a lot of stuff for Brielle and some for me), and just able to go place to place without having a toddler was just..amazing! I also got to catch up with 2 of my former nursing school friends, which was SO much fun and it filled my heart with joy to see them grow in their lives! 🙂

Hello Berry Spritzer from Starbucks! (forgot the name, but the drink was amazing!)
Hello Berry Spritzer from Starbucks! (forgot the name, but the drink was amazing!)

–I was really hoping and praying that Victoria would open a Barnes and Nobles, when all of the sudden I drove past a Hastings and was like “I forgot they still were open!”.  Well, come to find out, they carry all of the latest books, music, and games and it was a pretty big store.  I love that I got 6 (her sticker book is not shown) books that look very interesting for only $18! **Cue mommy dance**


–I got my last Birchbox make-up shipment in and I am SO happy with it, and can’t wait to try all of the products! My favorite has to be the red matte lipstick.  I am a girl who NEVER wears lipstick and it makes my lips looks amazing!  (Blog post to come)


Helllo Kylie Jenner! Haha JK! :)
Helllo Kylie Jenner! Haha JK! 🙂

–I only went to the gym once this week! (FAIL!) But while I attempted to multiple times in my head to wake up at 5:30am and just get the workout over with, it never happened, so I only attended one afternoon class.  Next week WILL be better, I promise! 🙂

–Tomorrow is my last day to work in Austin with my patient! While I am SO going to miss her and her family, I am glad and honored that I get to work her 4th birthday party! YAY! I can’t believe how much she has grown since I first started, and I am truly amazed at who she has become!

On a side note, this weekend will be filled with lots of joy and happiness, and definitely blog-worthy posts! Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am linking up below with some other websites below, click here and here. 🙂


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