Sweet Blessings- Prayers for Shane

Throughout this grieving journey, I have met some amazing women/moms who have helped me heal along the way.  One woman who made such an inspiration in my heart and my journey to move forward, was actually a mom who volunteered to help out at the women’s retreat.  Her name is Shannon Long, and let me tell you, God truly shines through her.

I didn’t know it then, but at the women’s retreat we all received little scriptures that were so neatly put together, that we could carry around with us and turn to, in times of need. Shannon so graciously made one for each one of us grieving moms, and I have kept mine in my car, and have reached for them to read numerous times since leaving the retreat, earlier this year.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw someone tag her in a photo, of a gift that Shannon had made for them, from her Etsy shop, Sweet Blessings.  It was a series of scriptures, written on a card, for their husband.  At first when I saw this, and even when I ordered it, I thought it was for the husband to read daily and draw closer to God.  Little did I know, that they are made for us wives to pray over our husbands daily.  Pray over their leadership, and their relationship to God.  To pray over their strength and open their hearts to bigger and better possibilities.

I have absolutely LOVED them, and I am SO glad that I reached out to Shannon and asked her to make them for Shane.  While I thought I was giving Shane a great gift, it turns out I received the greatest gift of all.



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