Savoring The Sweetness

One year ago today.. just two days before we met Rochelle:)

  With our journey as a family of three is coming to an end pretty soon, I have really tried to make more of an effort and savor all of the sweet moments that we have been having this past week and a half of me being off work and just staying at home with Brielle.
   Usually when I am working weekends, Shane is unable to make any overtime due to my crazy work schedule and just how tired I am after work, but this past weekend with me being home he actually got called in I believe 2 or 3 times to make a little overtime! (Especially with me not working these next couple of months anything helps!)
  This past Sunday was the first Sunday that all three of us got to church on time (due to the time change, Brielle got her full hour morning nap…

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