Releasing Parental Pressures

In this fourth section of the 30 days towards connected parenting, Rachel speaks about releasing some of the many pressures that “society” places on us parents.  I definitely felt a LOT of pressure after soon becoming a parent to breastfeed my baby solely since I have heard the phrase “breast is best” MORE times than not.  When I failed at that by not producing enough milk, I felt like I was a failure at supplying what my daughter needs, but also felt shame from society/friends that I couldn’t nourish my baby with my body.

It was an eye opening experience that I felt SUCH a great amount of failure so early on in my parenting.  With the help of Shane and my mom, I was definitely able to continue to breastfeed/pumping and supplementing formula as well. I loved what journey Brielle and I had and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Do you other moms feel like you have to be the boss of your children? I feel like that is my role at work, my role in many situations in life, and also “one” of the titles given to me during my parenting.  I hate for Brielle to disagree, or just have a full on “tantrum” when she just point blank doesn’t do what I WANT her to do, right that minute.. So it begins with the bribing, threats of time out and follow through with them if deemed necessary, and discipline.  I never just realized in those moments of wanting her to just listen and do what I say the first time, might be just not what she wants to do right then and there.  And it’s OK.  I have worked this past week on just getting down on her level, talking through things with her instead of barking orders, and realizing that more gets done when we work as a TEAM, instead of me being the boss of her.  I have seen SO much difference in the way she interacts with me, and I truly hope to only continue and nourish our growing relationship, so that a door never gets closed so early on, that will be so hard to re-open again later in life.


What is your biggest pressure either implied or otherwise? Voice it below and begin to let it go!


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