Crafting with Brielle!

This past week we definitely had fun decorating things, and one of her favorite things was to painting the wooden turkey for the holidays!

I snagged a great deal at Target in the clearance section, and got it just for $1 and it comes with three colors of paint and a paint brush.  All the supplies left is the newspaper, and the water in a cup/bowl just to clean off the brush so that colors don’t get mixed (well, the theory sounds good until you have a toddler who thinks everything looks better, mixed up! lol! 🙂

This turkey is front and back and it has a little stand that you can dry it standing up and then place it on your table once it is done! I should have taken a picture of it completed, but after cleaning up the craft, I completely forgot!








It is a cute, colorful turkey, that is now on our dining room table until Thanksgiving! 🙂

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