Five on Friday!

It is Friday yet again, and this week has brought SO many changes, that I would definitely update my top 5 happenings of the week!

  1.  I started following along during this Bible study brought to you by Women Living Well Ministries and it takes you on a read-along and challenges you to truly study and understand the Bible.  The free printables, and questions to follow along, definitely help keep me motivated to read every day and truly take some alone time to spend with Him.
  2. I worked my LAST week-day this past Tuesday in Austin.  While, I still have one more official work day with my home health patient (her 4th birthday party!), I am hoping to move on to a family that is near my house and challenging myself again in new and different ways in my field of work. After driving over 28,800 miles over the past two years and learning a lot about my patient and her family, and truly about myself, this chapter is ending and another one is beginning.
  3. It was my nephew’s last Jr High football game last night, and my niece’s last half time marching band performance tonight at the Varsity football game (since she is a Senior, this is literally her last one), and hopefully if the weather permits tonight, we will be in attendance! 🙂
  4. I printed out our 30 day notice to leave our rent house, and giving is to our landlords today!  We are officially home owners, and HOPE to have everything completed in time! 🙂  Definitely more pictures, and updates to be made out of this journey.
  5. Rochelle’s birthday is in a week from today.  While yes, it is hard to not be able to celebrate it WITH her physically, we are definitely going to be throwing a little get together and know that she will be with us spiritually. I still am amazed on how I naturally labored with her after being induced and had her in 2.5 hours with only one push.. our bodies are amazing! 🙂

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