The mothership has sunk

Have you ever felt like you literally couldn’t do ANYTHING? That is exactly how I felt yesterday.

I was woken up at 4am by my lovely daughter calling out for me to “open the door, come in, mommy wake up, etc.” While I tried to ignore the calls for me, I suddenly started getting these really sharp pains in my lower abdomen.  I was like “oh, no, please don’t let this be what my mom had the day before”.  Well, sure enough, it was! I will spare you the details, but trying to fight through the nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and get ready for work took ALL of my energy.  I slowly got in my car and headed to make my 40 min drive, only to make it half way.  I couldn’t life my arms or my head up anymore and I had to call in to work.  I NEVER do this, and I felt SO bad that I am making it up by working tomorrow.

This brutal 24 hour virus took the LIFE out of me.  I headed back to my moms house, made it somehow back, just to hop into bed and wait and pray for the immodium and pepto bismol to kick in. Of course, my wild and vibrant toddler wasn’t just wanting to lay in bed as she was already wide awake and ready to start her day.  I mustered up the strength to make her juice and let her eat her oreo snacks in her diaper bag, but that was it. I couldn’t be a mom, and I felt SO bad.

Thank goodness my parents agreed to take Brielle for a few hours so I could just rest, knowing that’s what I needed the most.  You see, this virus everything out of  me to even move, or lift my body up at all.  I rested (not slept) for a few hours while they were gone, and then tried to get enough energy to get out of the bed while Brielle was napping to make some rice and apply the heading pad on my lower abdominal area.  Then, the fever started kicking in again, and I couldn’t do anything for Brielle.  It was the moment I knew I needed to head home to Shane to take Brielle for the rest of the evening.

Have any of you heard the song “Jesus take the wheel” by Carrie Underwood? It’s so good, and it was the song I was singing on the entire way home (the longest hour drive of my life).  Shane took care of her and unpacked my car when we got home, and took her fishing until it was time to come home, get a bath, eat dinner, and go to bed.

It was so hard for my Type A personality to have no control over my situation and just let everyone take care of Brielle, but also take care of me.  Thank you to my parents, Shane, and my friends for wishing me well-wishes when that was what I needed to hear the most when I couldn’t even convince myself to get out of the bed to go pee.  I now know that our body can survive on very minimal food, very minimal sleep, and very minimal liquids (well, at least for one day).

Thankful that today I was able to deep clean the house, lysol everything to prevent Brielle from getting sick, washed EVERYTHING that could possibly be washed (6 loads),gave 2 full trash bags to the donation station, and even made it to the gym for the first time in a couple of weeks!

Cheers to good health, good family and good friends. And of course to the Man upstairs! 🙂

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