33 week check-up!

I can’t believe this was just a year ago when our precious Rochelle was kicking away in my belly! Oh, to the days that I could fully protect her inside me! Thank you God for protecting both her and Lamar.

Baby: 33 weeks and 5days at the day of the appointment!  (Even though today we are technically 34 weeks!) Rochelle has been like rolling in my stomach lately I swear and it’s crazy to feel so much pressure (down there) at times.  She now has her own immune system, and since her amniotic fluid has maxed out this week and is starting to get thinner she can start seeing more light pass through differentiating between day and night!  Her heart rate was ranging in the 120’s-130’s and sounding great! I wish we did another sonogram to get her weight but she is supposedly gaining half a pound a week now.  My Doctor wants to schedule my induction for November 10th (a week early) and start with cervadil(used to thin the cervix) and then start pitocin after that and go slow to see how well Rochelle can tolerate labor.  We discussed…

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