Well, today is officially National Grandparents Day, and I am so excited we got to celebrate it a little with my parents!

When you think of the”perfect” grandparent, it usually includes the fact that they spoil you, and don’t like to say no or get you upset like your own parents don’t mind doing.  It is a person who willingly gives up their own personal time to care for their childrens baby(ies).

Growing up with my step-dad’s parents being the only grandparents we had around, definitely made it a little different for me and my brother. Meemo and Pop have taken such good care of us, that even after my mom and step-dad divorced, Meemo and Pop stayed right there by us and made sure to let us know that even though that door may have closed, that theirs never will.

I am so thankful that Brielle is able to grow up with both sets of grandparents still healthy and doing good.  She literally has the best of both worlds.  She gets to be with me and Shane during the week that I am off and hang out with Shane’s parents on the weekends, and she gets to be with my parents during the week when I am working.

For this day, Brielle and I decided on doing a little craft to show much we loved them and how we truly appreciate every single thing that they do.

We started with a black picture frame (which we then spray painted gold), and created a gold top layer for us to be able to write on and decorate with.  Note to anyone who tries this, that even permanent marker did not write well on a spray painted object.  Then we aligned the picture on the bottom and adjusted it to fit the frame properly and then glued the top to the bottom.    We then painted little pink stripes on the top and write in pink paint “HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY” on the bottom.  We super glued the bow to the top of the picture, and some yarn on the back.  I added a special little touch and wrote a really sentimental letter on the both to both Mom and Mike to let them know how much we love and appreciate every single thing that they do for me and my brother.

I will leave you a little pictures of our craft, and I really do hope that everyone let their Grandparents know how much you love them.

The picture I chose to give them and was going to put it in the frame. This picture tells us so much about each other when we were 5 and 6.
The bow I made.. not too great but it was a great attempt made!
The bow I made.. not too great but it was a great attempt made!
The final product!
The final product!

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