88 never looked so good!

On August 27, Shane’s Grandmother turned 88 years old! I mean, seriously she can still do everything on her own, and definitely does NOT need assistance (so she always says) ;).  I have known her now for the last 10 years and I have never met such a wise woman.  She has been through so much in her lifetime, and at the end of the day, she only wants the best for all of her family.  I think my sister in law  tried to calculate how many grandkids (great, great, great included) and it came out to over 110 total! Let me just tell you, that this family definitely keeps growing! 🙂

On her birthday this year, we just all got together as a family (the ones that live here in Yoakum) and took her out to dinner and got to play catch up on everything, since we have all been so busy in the past few months!

The next day was the first football of the season for the Yoakum High School, and since my neice Rhyleigh is in the band, and add Grandmas love for football, meant that she was not going to miss the first game of the year! This is the first year she has actually sat in the handicap seat in front of the bleachers and she said the view “was way better and the people don’t bump into her or ask her to move her knees so they could pass every five minutes” lol! Brielle and I actually sat with her for the first half of the game to get a little Grandma time in before spending time with her cousin and Shane’s mom for the last half!

I asked her, how it feels (two days after her birthday) to be 88 now, and she said to me “it feels like I am your age still.  If you have your brain and your love for God, you will always feel young”.  I love her so, and I am so glad we get to celebrate her being with us for another year!

Here are some pictures from the festivities!











Happy 88th Birthday Grandma! We ALL love you!

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