High Five Friday!!

This is seriously one of my favorite days! I LOVE when I have the weekend off, and as a nurse that works two part-time jobs, this is such a rare occasion, but this happens to be my first weekend in 5 weeks that I have a full weekend off! HOORAY!

Today I decided to share some of my five favorite simple beauty tips I use everyday (ok, everyday I work) ;).  Ever since I have gotten my hair cut, I just feel like make-up just makes my entire look change and it works really well with my hair.

My eyeshadow.  I was gifted this satin gold bare minerals eyeshadow from my best friend and I love it! It gives my eyes just the right amount of pop, without being too bold. It has lasted me over 8 months and all you have to use is just a tiny bit.


My eyeliner.  After searching for the perfect eyeliner, I settled on the Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner.  It is amazing! It lasts for 12+ hour work shifts and doesn’t smear at all! I have loved it ever since the day I got it, and it does complete the look!


Mascara.  This is something that I could do without, but come on, who doesn’t want longer, bolder, thicker lashes? I love this Maybelline lash sensational.  It’s amazing and doesn’t clump like other ones that I have used.  It keeps my lashes looking soft and bold all day! 🙂


Foundation.  I like to use a foundation base under the powder, but at the end of the work day, it gets way too thick (or at least feels like that).  I am currently using covergirl tru blend minerals medium and I love it! It has a shimmer to it, and I love any aspect of glitter, so this is perfect! It stays on all day, without getting thick and it covers my tiny blemishes that I have and evens the skin tone.


Lip Gloss.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE a good lip gloss! My current favorite is Artisty, Glitz.  My friend sells artistry and they use all natural products and they are affordable and last a LONG time! It gives just the right amount of pink color without being too bold and matches pretty much anything!


I would highly recommend all of these products! Happy Friday!! 🙂


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