The Results (6-26-14)

Looking back at last summer, to the day we will never forget. R.I.P Rochelle Elaine Johnson 1-7-15

    So this morning I received a voicemail stating the heartbreaking news that any genetic counselor can deliver.( I told her to leave a voicemail stating the results because I was scheduled to be working on the expected day the results came and I didn’t want to not know.) She did confirm that our result from the amniocentesis showed that for sure that our baby girl has Trisomy 13.  Trisomy 13 happens in about 1 in every 10,000 newborns.  It is where there is 3 copies of the chromosome 13 instead of two (the usual).  When the extra genetic material is attached to the extra chromosome it is called translocation.  Our genetic counselor stated there was no translocation.  In other words, this means that it did not come from Shane or I (inherited), instead it occurred when the sperm and egg formed the fetus.
  Usually some signs and…

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