My top 5 favorite blogs!

When it comes to blogging, I really love a good read!  I love tend to be drawn toward blogs about faith, family, and crafting (I love to read about DIY that is easy enough for someone like me who is challenged in the crafting world, to complete it successfully).

  1. The first blog you can find here.  It is written by a mother, wife, christian woman, amazing with crafts, and shares the most amazing recipes!  I knew Ruthie from high school, and when she started blogging a couple of years after graduated, she was the first blog I ever read, and ever followed! She is amazing with pretty much everything from motherhood all the way down to crafts, and you will love to follow her blog and her two little kids (Ford and Lucy).  You will, without a doubt, love this blog!
  2. The second blog I love to read, you can find here.  Sarah is such a fun blog writer, and I love how down to earth she is! She is also a wife, mother to two precious baby (Crue and LC) and I just LOVE how real she is.  She is probably the best interior decorator I have seen as well! I mean, you should definitely look at her blog post on her baby girls nursery, it’s amazing! Hope you all pay her a visit as well!
  3. This third blog definitely hits close to my heart! You can find her link here.  Alaina is also a wife, and mother to two precious twin girls (Rhyann and Logan).  She is so pure and writes such powerful and strong blogs that definitely make you think twice about what you are going through in your life.  She struggled with infertility and with the birth of her twin girls, her outlook on life has changed, and I love to follow along for the ride! I think you will too!
  4. This fourth blog you will love, you can find here.  Brey is also a wife, teacher, and loves to blog on the side. Once I found her blog, I couldn’t leave for a while.  Her blog posts are amazing to all the new bloggers(me) out there and she gives such good advice to us and what has worked out for her in the long run.  She takes amazing pictures, loves working out, loves to eat healthy food, and is just overall fun! I think without a doubt, she is definitely a blog you would want to follow! 🙂
  5. Then, there’s my 5th blog! You can find it here.  Melissa is a wife and mother to three precious kiddos (Liliana,Delilah,and Kohanna).  Two sweet girls and one precious boy.  Melissa is an artist, photographer, videographer, and loves anything organic and natural.  I recently started following her blog, and it has definitely become one of my top favorite blogs pretty quick! I think a lot of mommas out there could benefit from following her!

I hope that you get to find some intriguing new blogs! 🙂

2 thoughts on “My top 5 favorite blogs!

  1. Hello Sheridan,
    It’s a beautiful introduction. 🙂
    I have been to many of these and they are indeed lovely 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these.



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