Letter of the week : Y!

This week was pretty bittersweet,  knowing that we just have one more letter to learn after this!!  It’s funny because when you think of words that start with the letter y,  what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  Mine would be yo-yo.  But, in the children’s book world,  they teach them yak,  and yarn!

My focus was more on what she would understand best,  and what things she already knows, so here are the three examples that I focused on.

1) Yellow –  she is really good at majority of her colors,  so I wanted her to understand that the color yellow starts with the letter Y!  I would also ask her go find me things around the house that were yellow and she would go ” here,  I found this toy it is y for yellow”  so cute!

2) Yummy- this is something that you can’t really see,  but you can taste.  I like her to practice her senses as much as possible as well,  and so I would give her some of her favorite things (chocolate,  popsicle,  yogurt)  and show her that “these are yummy and yummy starts with the letter of the week: Y!!”  II would then ask her to name a word that starts with the letter y,  and she would go “yummy!”

3) Yo-yo was the third example that I could come up with,  and we actually used to have a little one for Brielle,  but I think she broke I a few months back and we haven’t replaced it.  I showed her pictures in her alphabet books,  I would draw one as best as I could,  and of course we had stopping watch some cool. Videos.  My brother had pretty much mastered the yo-yo when we were growing up and my favorite trick he taught me how to do was “walk the dog”,  so of course I had to show Brielle that example!

She also learned how to sign the letter (and that’s pretty hard for a two year old to do),  we read a lot of books,  we worked on activities in our workbook,  she would trace and try to write it,  and we looked at lots of pictures this week.  It was such a fun week and we can’t wait to finish the alphabet with Z (zebra and pink are the theme of her room,  so she loves zebras)!

Here are a few fun pictures from the week :


Tracing Y

Trying to write the letter Y on her own




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