7 months after..

I still close my eyes and just pray and believe that Rochelle would come to me in a dream where I am holding on her and kissing and loving on her as much as I can, just one.more.time.  I can’t believe that 7 months have passed, and I still feel like there is still a hole in my heart (the same feeling I had right after Lamar) that has yet to be filled.

Shane and I did everything we could to keep her alive.  It was as if, we really thought that Rochelle would make it past the one year mark that they gave us, and we could have brought her to her doctors and show how well she was doing, under our care.  It wasn’t until we fully released her to God, that we began to see her heal.  After I had to give her CPR, the look on her face was such fear when she woke up again and started breathing. I think I woke her up from such a place of comfort and peace, for my own selfish reasons.

I know in my heart that God gave us the strength day in and day out to do everything we could for our precious girl, and he gave us the strength during the most difficult and hard times, and during all of the sweet and precious times we had just one on one with her.  I can honestly say that taking off of work was hands down the best decision we could have made, so that we never took one day for granted.

This past month Brielle has actually made plenty of comments that we want to love and cherish forever. One of my favorite moments happened when Brielle was asleep in the car seat.  That morning, Brielle had found some of Rochelle’s paci’s that I saved in her special box, and wanted to use one. During her nap in the car she was snoring and then she randomly sat up and said “No, chelle that’s my paci” and I turned around and she was holding Rochelle’s green one and then afterwards, she laid back and went to sleep. I turned around while driving since I was so shocked and couldn’t believe what happened.  When she woke up I asked her if she saw Rochelle in her dreams, she said “yes, I gave her a big hug”.. so I don’t really know how much a two year old understands, but that just melted my heart all over!  She also made a few comments when playing with her toys, she will say “ok, let’s go to the hospital to go visit my sister chelle” or “Chelle is in heaven and I want to tell her that I love her, I want to kiss her and give her one high five and then another high five”.  I love these sweet memories!

I know in my heart that she is comfortable and happy and pain free! We love and miss you so much Rochelle Elaine Johnson!

Here is one of my all time favorite pictures of my girls!


9 thoughts on “7 months after..

    1. Amen! God gave us our daughter for a reason, and he took her away to be with Him for a reason. Some we know and understand, and some we don’t, but that’s what makes Him so great. Thank you for understanding.


  1. Dear Sheridan,
    I am sorry for your loss. I feel some things are just beyond our control. This is what makes life so mysterious. And makes us have faith in the divine. I hope she is in bliss and peace. I hope you get healed along with your family.

    I wish you bliss, peace and light. 🙂


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    1. Thank you Anand for your heartfelt words! I definitely have faith in the divine to not only heal my heart, but my husband and daughters as well. Thank you so much and I wish you the same! 🙂

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    1. I feel like sharing this emotional journey will not only help me out, but many others out there who have lost children. Thank you for such kind words! 🙂

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