Letter of the week: U!

This week was fun, just because U is such a unique letter and there are only really a few good examples you can give when learning this letter of the alphabet.

Of course, we started out with U is for Umbrella. Umbrella’s are something that children usually don’t get to mess with, mainly because of the fact that there tiny little fingers can easily get pinched when opening or closing one.  Brielle understood that we only use one when it’s raining outside, so she LOVED it when I got to show her how it opened/closed and how to clasp the little cover over it to make sure that it stayed close. The way she says umbrella is so cute as well, I loved when she would say “U is for umbrella!”

Unicorn is another example I used, knowing that it would come with a lot of questions. She kept them a horse and would say “look mommy it’s a U for horse!” So, in theory that really didn’t work well, but I fully believed in them when I was a kid and they are just so beautiful! I showed her so many pictures, and she would say “wow such a beautiful horse” lol! So, when I knew that example wouldn’t really stick, I went something more attainable.

Uniform was the last example I gave, because I knew with having my brother’s picture from when he was active duty in the Marine Corps, she would understand what it was.  She loved to go around showing Nathan’s picture to Daddy, and to a few people through video chat as well. 🙂  So happy that both sides of our family have served/are serving in different branches of the military, so giving her examples of Shane’s brother, and Dad were pretty easy! So thankful that they have chosen to serve for this beautiful Country we live in!

We also still practiced tracing, of course learning in her games, playing puzzles, coloring, making blocks in the shape of the letter U, and doing her favorite alphabet activity which is going through her alphabet book (the one everyone made her from her 2nd birthday party) and finding the new letter of the week! She actually got like 12 or so letters correct the last time we flipped through it all, which is pretty awesome! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the week: FYI I wish I had taken a picture of Brielle carrying around my brother’s picture! 🙂

Umbrella fun!
Umbrella fun!
trying to trace/draw the letter U on her own
trying to trace/draw the letter U on her own


"color only the letter u"
“color only the letter u”
tracing her letter of the week
tracing her letter of the week

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