Birthday Bonus

Since we celebrated Brielle’s birthday the weekend before, we knew still wanted to do something small for her actual birthday with just our family.  We asked her what dessert she wanted to eat and she told Shane “brownies!” so brownies is just what she got. 🙂

Shane and I knew that she would love to go eat at Olive Garden with the both of us, and she devoured the food.  I honestly haven’t seen her eat that much food in a long time!

We also knew that she has been interested in bowling for quite some time now, and we knew that she would LOVE to do in person, and Shane and I use to go all the time when we were dating.  I thought they would give us a ramp that I have seen some people use before, and apparently it’s just for special needs, or children with disabilities.  Shane and I got down on the ground and bowled with her every.single.time and she loved it! That’s what it was all about, and she had the BEST time, especially when she saw they had a candy machine! lol! Once she got her ring pop, it was all over! 🙂

Fishing is also a LOVE of Brielle and her Daddy, so I asked her one afternoon which day she wanted to go fishing, and she said “tomorrow”.  So I am not sure if she really knows that tomorrow is the next day, but indeed that next day we took her after I came home from the gym and she was SO happy! I think she even reeled in like four of her own fish! Pretty freakin’ awesome!

The letter of the week was S, so I said for her birthday (and since every single time we anywhere near an Academy Shane has to go purchase some kind of fishing item) she can pick out a pair of shoes on the clearance rack herself, without mommy saying something.  So she picked these pink velcro-strapped over shoe, and I made her try it on and run around with it and she said “I LOVE THEM!” So the pink shoes won and they were definitely shoes that I would never pick out for her. 🙂

Olive Garden!


waiting her turn to bowl
Bowling results! I am pretty sure Brielle had some help from Mommy and Daddy 😉
Getting ready to go fishing! Look at that priceless smile.
all dressed up and ready to party! Afro included. 🙂
Gotta love them!
Gotta love them!
Taking her on a HOT walk to go see her favorite neighborhood donkey! 🙂 We named him Fred that day.

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