Naked Training

So as many of you know, Brielle started potty training a couple of months ago.  I really felt like we were making progress, and then she would go to my parents while I worked, or go with Shane and wasn’t wanting to potty train for them.  ONLY mommy! So, I had to come up with something else that would work for everyone so that I wouldn’t be the only one in this with her.

I came up with the idea that she does potty training with me and everyone, naked.  I have never read any stories about parents choosing to stay home and leave their kids naked, I just had in my gut that she would do great.  Let me tell you, she LOVES it! She hated going pee on herself in her panties and sometimes it would run down her leg and she would get SO frustrated!

What I do is keep her naked until we HAVE to go somewhere, and then put clothes on her with either a pull-up or underwear, depending on where we are going and how long we will be there.  She will go once right when he she wakes up, and really all throughout the day at any point in time she feels like going.  It is so much less pressure on me telling/asking her to go potty all throughout the day and getting frustrated when she would resist and one can only bribe so much!  I LOVE how she loves this and I put wipes by her potty chair and she even likes to wipe herself, dump her potty out, clean it and put it back.

My parents don’t really like her running around their house naked, so they aren’t fully on board with this method, but Brielle is getting so much better at going in public places and I believe this is because she is learning the moment when her brain is telling her that her bladder is full and she is able to let me know in a timely manner, before having an accident.  I see so many other posts with MANY different methods to potty training, but right now I do not use an award system anymore, unless she poops in the potty she will sometimes still ask for a lollipop like I used to give her.

Brielle is growing up SO fast, and once this daily potty training is under control, we will then  move to nap time and staying dry overnight.  I know that she JUST turned two, and I am not rushing her at all to do anything she is not ready for.  I am much more relaxed with this method, and you never know, it just may work for someone else’s child as well. 🙂  Hope in a few months I can post how she is completely diaper free and I cannot wait until we start saving that money! 🙂

p.s she just paused the little show she was watching, went pee pee in the potty, wiped herself, and cleaned out her potty chair and I washed her hands and she went right back to her little show so I can finish this up! YAY! Oh and this post will not contain any pictures, because…well the obvious! LOL

Let me know if you, or someone else you know, has tried this technique. 🙂

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