Happy Birthday Emma!!!

I cannot believe my precious niece is 4 years old! I remember the first day I got to meet her when she came back from California.  I fell in love immediately and wanted to spend as MUCH time with her as possible.  I learned her sleeping habits, her facial expressions, her favorite baby foods, and the ones she didn’t like too much.  It feels like time has flashed and my precious little Emma is going to be in school soon!

As soon as you meet her, you fall in love with her crazy, wild, loving personality.  She is always up for an adventure and she rarely ever stops moving from the moment she woke up until the moment she goes to bed.  I wish for one day I had the energy she does and I admire that so much.

Emma has not been one to sit still for a long time and want to practice and learn new things, because she picks up on so much without you ever having to teach her, but this year has changed so much for her and I have seen so much growth and happiness come from it.  My brother calls it “homework time” and have started to see her like learning new things that are school related.  She is growing so fast and school is right around the corner and we cannot wait to see how much more knowledge she gains in school!

The relationship made between Emma and Brielle is beyond precious as well.  She literally took Brielle in right away and fell in love.  They fight like two sisters, but also love like two sisters.  The bond between them is unbreakable and they both get so excited when they get to spend one on one time with each other! I love our monthly family days and as do they.  I hope they grow to pray for each other, love each other, and depend on each other as the years go on.  I truly hope they cherish how important the bond is between cousins and realize that they have to truly work on their relationship as much as possible.

Oh and thank goodness I got a LOT of practice on babies wearing bows/headbands because every.single.time I saw my niece I told my brother that I would be buying more bows and hair accessories and put them in her hair every time I see her.  I just think every little girl looks THAT much cuter with a bow! 😉

I know being four is going to be SO great for Emma and I cannot wait to see what new adventures in life this year is going to bring her.  I am hoping that it calls for more quality family time! 🙂













Auntie LOVES you precious girl!!

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