Happy 28th birthday!

Wow, I cannot believe that my husband turns 28 today! When people say time flies, it truly does.  How in the world did God bless me with him 10 years ago? We both feel like we have been together for so long, that we are ready to turn the page for a new chapter in our lives. 🙂

Throughout the past 10 years I have learned so much about patience, kindness, and how to relax more from this man.  You know that phrase opposites attract? I couldn’t believe it any more when it comes to both he and I.  I am so thankful for his patience with me throughout all of these years, and with Brielle.  Brielle is definitely in her toddler stage and knows how to push just the right buttons with the right people, and is always so calm and patient with her, which I truly admire. Kindness truly comes from the bottom of his heart, and he really will give the shirt off of his back to any one who asks.  Relaxation is Shane’s way of staying calm and he definitely knows how to do it well.  It is so hard for me to shut my brain off with all the things running through it constantly, but with him, it comes with such ease.

Fishing is probably Shane’s biggest passion in life (along with God, family, and friends of course) and he truly is AMAZING at it.  I mean, how many people can wait for hours just to get one fish, and then go back the next week determined to try new tactics and catch about 20?  Probably not many.  I used to jealous of how good he was at it, and how he truly found what he was really good at, at such a young age.  I still admire the fact that his passion for fishing has never died.  He has actually taught our not even 2 year old toddler to fish pretty dang well, so watch out world. 🙂

Thank you Shane for truly being you for the past 10 years.  You have always been a hard-working, loyal, God-loving, devoted man and I am so thankful you are my husband.  Here’s to the next 10 years and the next chapter of our lives! 🙂

Daddy and Brielle in the hospital
Daddy and Brielle in the hospital
Johnson (35)
Family love
Christmas 2014
Easter 2015
The “non” Easter bunny picture!
Spring 2013
Me and my love before the days adventures!
Me and my love before the days adventures!
Spring 2010
Beach days
Winter 2006
First day we met 3-12-2005
Carli and Rigo’s wedding fun!
Dinner at the Four Seasons
Downtown Austin fun!

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