Book In Review: The Invisible String

Have you ever read a children’s book and just realized that the meaning could be told to adults as well? This book was definitely one of those.

Title: The Invisible String

Author: Patrice Karst

The amount of ages:30

This story is about how these two little kids get scared during the middle of the night, during a loud thunderstorm.  The mom starts telling them how they don’t have to be scared, and then decided it was time for them to hear about the Invisible String.

As the author describes the Invisible String as “you don’t need to see the Invisible String.  People who love each other are always connected by a very special String made of love.”  It is so powerful and meaningful for our children to know that even though we may not always be together, that the bond between us will never be broken.

This book is so special because it was given to us at the remembrance ceremony for Rochelle and Brielle is understanding slowly that even though she will never physically see her sister again, the bond between the two of them will never be broken.  I love this book, and we read it almost every night before going to bed.  It’s definitely on our top of the list books to choose.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has lost a significant other, or a child is asking questions, this story explains it very well for both the children and the adult audience to understand. 🙂

Brielle and the book :)
Brielle and the book 🙂


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