Letter of the week: M

Well this week was fun, since we recently went to the zoo, it was definitely easy for her to finish my sentence when I said “M is for…” and Brielle yells “monkey!”.  It was definitely fun to teach her that some of her favorite things start with this exact letter. 🙂

Mommy was of course one of the first things/words that I taught her that started with the letter M.  I mean come on, how many times a day does she say it?? It was probably about time that she figured out that it started with an M! She did get confused when she noticed that there were so many of the same letter in one word.. haha it was so cute!

Milk is commonly used in our house as well, so she was so happy when she saw that the it started with her letter of the week! She was like “look mommy Mmmmm for Milk” it was adorable.  She definitely will recognize it when we are out and about as well, so that makes it a fun adventure when we run errands! 🙂

Move is another word that either she is using, or we are.  She likes to see Nana and Papa’s “nake” (their stuffed animal snake) move (while she shuffles her feet side to side) and she loved showing me that M was for move! It was so precious to see her pick up on things this week.

Mickey Mouse, M&M’s, Mountain Lion are just a few of the examples that were given with the letter as well this week.

She also colored the letter, found the letter on the fridge, we practiced it on the wall, tracing, drawing a monkey (which to her is a bunch of zig-zags on a piece of paper lol), and when she draws the people in her family (I usually just draw mommy, daddy, lamar, rochelle, brielle and she likes to put all of her cousins, aunts, and uncles in their as well which is so precious!) and signing the letter we practiced  a lot but I don’t think her it’s quite there yet! We will keep trying. 🙂

Brielle even is recognizing the letters more often, which is great because I know all of the hard work I am putting into teaching her with new different and creative ideas and I am always trying to come up with more.  I can’t wait to see what next week brings! 🙂


M on the fridge!

M on the fridge!

tracing the letter! :)

tracing the letter! 🙂

signing M!

signing M!

This is her version of tracing lol!

This is her version of tracing lol!

Monkey! On her little alphabet game

Monkey! On her little alphabet game

Mommy and Me!

Mommy and Me!

M for M&M's and Mickey Mouse!

M for M&M’s and Mickey Mouse!

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