Letter of the week: L

This week was so fun, because Brielle picked up on it so fast, and loved to see what all we could come up with to represent the letter.

Lion was the first thing that popped in my head, and knowing that we were going to the zoo, I knew she would actually see one.  She loves to go “rawr” with her hands when she says lion, so precious. I am so excited she got to see such a beautiful animal and she is so funny because she goes “big oscar” which is our cat, kind of hilarious! I was like yes, you’re right.

Love is another major thing I wanted to make sure that started with the letter L.  Love is such a beautiful thing and we love to show Brielle love all the time, and she now says “I love you so much” with her cute smooches and arms wide open..beyond precious.

Laughing is also another thing that we do often, and lately she has become quite the comedian! I love it because she is quite funny for her age, and I love that she makes me laugh by doing the silliest things.  One of things she loves doing is giving me “the look” which I assume she I gave her quite a few times as she has gotten older, and she will give it to me just to make me laugh (which works every time) and I love it.  Laughing is so good for the soul.

When it came to signing the letter, she definitely had to learn to practice some good hand eye coordination.  When she got it, she became SO happy and kept signing the letter L, we were very proud parents.

This week was FUN and I hope that next week can be the same. 🙂


Signing L!
Signing L!
My look, and her laughing! lol
My look, and her laughing! lol

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