Letter of the week: I

Our letter of the week!
Our letter of the week!


This week was fun for Brielle for the fact that alone that she  quickly caught on that “I is for Ice Cream!!” and loved making that happen.

I definitely had to get Brielle to understand that the letter “I”can stand for more than just ice cream.. but it was pretty hard! haha she is hilarious when it comes to dessert that she was seriously fixated on it.  So yes, two days during the week she definitely got to enjoy her ice cream and enjoyed every moment of it.

Coloring definitely came in handy, as I did not have a lot of my own ideas for the letter.  Thank goodness, she is becoming better at letter recognition and it’s adorable how happy she gets when she gets the letter correct!

The last thing was definitely teaching her to use “I” in her sentences instead of “me”.  Personalization is so hard for kids to understand and instead of saying “Brielle feels bad”, or “me don’t like it”, she is now saying “I don’t like it” or “Yes, I’m tired”.  She will still use it incorrectly sometimes, but she is so smart and caught on so well!

This was a fun week, so here are few pictures of our week 🙂

I wish I had more pictures of the fun week!

Ice cream
Ice cream






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