Spring has come!!

Spring is definitely the time where you enjoy picnics outside, you pick beautiful flowers, you spend endless hours outside doing absolutely nothing but just enjoying the breeze of the season.  It’s the time where people thrive, and you see happiness just spilling out of people.

It is such a fun time for Brielle especially, since all she ever wants to do is spend more time outside. So far we have loved visiting friends, picking some roses off of our bushes and just doing as much as we can to soak up the sun.

Thank goodness for some gorgeous days, even when we have an occasional cold and rainy day, spring is here and we are so excited!

Can’t wait for some cute pictures of Brielle this season! I loved my bluebonnet pictures when I was pregnant with her, and can’t wait to see her shine this year!

2 10 14 31


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