The valley of blessings

During our weekend get-away trip to Houston, I had so many mixed feelings going on. I just knew that something was going on with me and my emotions and I just needed to figure it all out.  It’s crazy because it seems like every time we attend Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen preaches on exactly how I am feeling at the time, or gives examples with people that are struggling, similar to mine.

I have been quick to anger and my mood fluctuates all the time, so I started thinking to myself.. Maybe it could be the birth control that I just started in December, or maybe it is the anger phase during my grieving process creeping back in,  or maybe it is that I am working two jobs again, a little more stressed, and a lot of lack of sleep going on.

Then I came to the conclusion, that it is me.  I am the one who has not been as patient as I was before, I am the one who controls my quickness to anger, not anyone else or any outside thing (which they probably do add to it though). I wanted to blame everything else instead of really just looking at myself.  Joel preached about the valley that people are in, and it seems like you are in such a low point that you can’t see anything positive come out of your situation.  He said “don’t be fooled by the valley, it will turn into a valley of blessings”.

He also stated from 2 Chronicals 20:26 that “when you face difficult times, it’s not a valley of defeat, it’s a valley of victory.  God has not brought you this far, to leave you.”  It got me thinking so much that we may not know why we are in the position that we are in at the moment we are going through something, but God always delivers.  This sermon changed my whole negative perspective I was having at so many things and realized that all of it is a blessing.  I am blessed to have two jobs, I am blessed to have a toddler who loves to cuddle in the middle of the night with either Shane or I, I am blessed to have great friends that I can call on whenever I am in need of a good laugh.  I am blessed and even though I may not have everything in life, I am proud of what I do have and I need to remember to always count my blessings and rely on God to listen to my problems and not keep them so bottled up.

You may be going through hard times right now, just know what through every valley, there is always a blessing waiting for you on the other side.  It may not be quick or happen right away, but it will happen exactly when it needs to. Keep your head up!

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