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This Sunday I want to tell you about a shop called The Mom Diggity (Celebrating beauty in the chaos).  This shop started with the mom who was an event planner, before becoming a stay at home mom! Her name is Kara-Kae and she seems like the sweetest person through all of her writing, and I have never even met her.

Kara-Kae is a mother of three little girls, who decided that her and husband were going to pursue adoption.  Her shop consists of lots of cute clothing to support them in bringing home their little baby! Here is a little bit of her background “The Mom Diggity is the place that I’m honest and real about motherhood, and I hope to be an encouragement and inspiration to other moms.
Whether you are like me and have tiny ones or whatever stage you are in, I hope that you can
come here and get real with me. I promise not to sugar coat parenting, but will encourage you
to enjoy every moment as we become the moms that God calls us to be!”

The clothing ranges from $17-$27 and goes directly into their adoption fund to bring their precious joy home! They have a goal of $40,000 to reach in such a short time, since they are doing domestic adoption.  I definitely had to help in any way possible, once I heard that! I bought the love is greater than blood shirt and it is such a cute shirt! I love the material and it’s a relaxed fit and so comfortable! I am hoping soon to buy Brielle the adoption is rad shirt, it’s beyond precious and so true!

I am definitely rooting for this sweet family to reach the funds they need, and I cannot wait to see another precious addition added to their family! If you would like to purchase a shirt click here or you follow kara-kae on instagram @momdiggity.

Can’t wait to see where their journey goes, and I am definitely along for the ride!:)

My cute t-shirt!
My cute t-shirt!
The cute card that came with my purchase!
The cute card that came with my purchase!

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