Those sweet sentimental items

Have you ever lost someone so close to you and look back and think “I wish I would have kept…”? I did not want to do that with either of my kids.  I wanted to savor everything I could so that I would not have to say that above phrase.

With Lamar, we had no time.  I did so much research and looked into everything I could to learn about Trisomy 18.  With him, I kept every single sonogram picture, I remember vaguely now the details of them, except for the one where they confirmed that he indeed had Trisomy 18.  I am so glad I kept all of my research we did, every appointment we had questions for the doctors and thankfully my mom wrote down every single answer.  Those are the things that I am going to keep for him, and I am so glad I will always have those to look at when remembering him, especially the video ultrasounds.. he looked like such a healthy energetic little boy on there!

With Rochelle, it was different. I still kept all of the research, all of the videos of the ultrasounds, all of the pictures when she was inside me, but I also got to meet her see her little personality blossom!  I dressed her up every day, I learned what outfits were acceptable in the NICU with all of the lines running all over her.  I got to keep her first diaper, and her first wristbands from the hospital, I kept all of her extra dressings that she used to hate it when we had to change and screamed so loud every time we did.  I got to keep the big sister and little sister outfits I made for her and Brielle to wear together, and especially the photo album we made for her memorial.  We got to have her cremated wearing her and Brielle’s matching sister/best friend bracelets and in the same outfit as Brielle wore for her newborn pictures.

I am so glad that I have all of these precious memories of both of my babies, and I am so thankful that I kept so many important items that tell their special stories.  I think life for many of us is so busy now, that we forget all of these little things that make each child so special.  Remember to save important items of your kids, to be able to tell their story later on in life! 🙂

Our baby boy will be forever in our hearts
Our baby boy will be forever in our hearts
Love our special area for our baby boy! (all of his cards are in a special box for him!)
Love our special area for our baby boy! (all of his cards are in a special box for him!)
All of her "first" items
All of her “first” items
Keepsake memories
Keepsake memories
Brielle's big sister/best friend bracelet
Brielle’s big sister/best friend bracelet
Rochelle's special area
Rochelle’s special area
Our favorite memories
Our favorite memories

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