Weekend In Review

Well since Shane was going to New Orleans for the weekend, I figured a nice girls trip was a definite necessity for Brielle and I for the weekend!  On Friday morning was probably one of those days, that you wished would end pretty soon and it was only 9AM.

Friday morning we had a lot to do before heading to Lockhart, to spend the night at my moms before heading up to north Austin on Saturday.  I had to weigh-in at the gym (down 7 pounds in 3 weeks!) and then I headed over to go support my friends in her fundraiser for the morning (hope you had a great turnout Ashley and Sylvia) then I had to pack up the dogs and Brielle and head to Lockhart.  The only problem was, as I was backing up Shane’s truck to put the kennels in the truck, I had run into the side of the trash can with his mirror and it knocked it off and left it hanging.  Well, needless to say my mind was all messed up after that, thinking that I didn’t want to tell Shane what I did while he was on vacation.  (Thank goodness, he is such a great guy and didn’t get mad at all!)

Once I finally made it to Lockhart, I was going to go to the store to buy Brielle’s favorite snacks to stock up for the weekend, and I realized I forgot my wallet at home, in Yoakum.  I put Brielle down for a nap at my moms and drove my hour drive back home.  I figured why not hit the gym hard, since I had to go back home anyways, and afterwards I felt so much better! I felt ready to conquer the rest of the day!  She had so much fun at Nana and Papa’s house, and LOVES to learn new things with them!

Saturday afternoon, we left for Val’s house (I used to be a nanny for her, and now we are really good friends) and the girls loved Brielle. Well, most of the time! She accidentally broke a couple of their favorite cups, but she did have fun dancing, chasing after them, talking to them and loving on baby Natalie! She enjoyed taking pictures in her Easter dress, and loved the chocolate goodies she received as well. She is going to LOVE Easter this year!  We then headed to Adriane’s that night, to unpack, get comfortable, play with the dogs, and head to bed…or so I thought that was the plan!

Sunday morning after a crazy night of sleep with Brielle not wanting to sleep in her playpen, so she ended up in the bed with me.  After she tossed and turned all night, I woke up in definite need of a coffee!! Sunday was a fun, relaxing day with Brielle playing with the her dogs, Adriane and I fitting in a 30 minute workout during Brielle’s very short nap, and Lauren coming over and enjoying some nice girl time! Brielle loved seeing them both, she doesn’t get to spend quality time often with them so it was nice!

Monday afternoon we headed back to Lockhart, and realized my tire had a nail in it, and so we had to wait until late afternoon after it was fixed to pack up and head home! So glad Shane met us at my parents house to take Brielle and the dogs home, so I could go straight to the gym and work out! Shane took the dogs and Brielle fishing on his way home, and she LOVED it! I swear, she is definitely Shane’s mini-me with her obsession with fish!

Overall, it was a crazy weekend, we probably would have been safer at home, but I am so glad we made the trip up North and can’t wait to do it again!

Walking on Nana's treadmill!
Walking on Nana’s treadmill!
loving on baby Natalie!
loving on baby Natalie!
All four girls in one picture
All four girls in one picture
Sara and Rachel were putting on a magic show for us!
Sara and Rachel were putting on a magic show for us!
Brielle loved showing Adriane how she loves liptstick
Brielle loved showing Adriane how she loves liptstick
We straightened Brielle's hair.. well as best as we could!
We straightened Brielle’s hair.. well as best as we could!

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