Book In Review: Gone Girl

Title : Gone Girl

Author: Gillian Flynn

Number of Pages: 560

Chapters: There is part one, two and three of the book.

This book had me on my toes, pretty much the entire time.  It starts out with the author writing from a husband’s perspective and switching to a wife perspective every other chapter.  It’s so interesting reading two different point of views and trying to understand their marriage, relationship, and life in general.

In the husband’s(Nick Dunne) point of view it is started out from the day of his wife’s disappearance and then everything that happened after.  He stays true to his character and how the relationship was going throughout the entire book.  In the wife’s(Amy Elliot Dunne) perspective, it starts out with the early years of their relationship, and then moves on slowly to the present day of her disappearance. You never know which Amy you are going to get, as she changes character throughout the entire book.

I love how suspenseful the book is, because the shocker in the middle of the book, made me just want to keep reading.  I don’t want to spoil anything major, because are a few major things that occur, that if I said them, it would ruin the entire book for the next person wanting to read it.

I didn’t read anything about this story ahead of time, or listen to anyone who had seen the movie, just so I would have a clear mind without any preconceived notions going into it.  The thing I would say that I loved the most is how much it kept wanting more.  More information, more knowledge about their past, and just more about the characters themselves.

I would definitely recommend this book.  I would say it sort of has this thriller aspect to it.  While I did ask for Shane to quickly go rent the movie the night I had finished the book, I would say I am glad I read the book before, to give that background information that the movie just couldn’t give.

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