Valentine’s Day 2015

  This year was so much more special and meaningful for the three of us.  I truly feel like Brielle loves to celebrate just about anything that includes a fun day of gifts and desserts and just being together with family.
  Since my parents were keeping Brielle on Valentine’s day and a couple of days before,I knew in my heart she would love a surprise from mommy for the afternoon and that’s exactly what I did.  Friday afternoon, after I deep cleaned the entire house (including under all of our major appliances), I thought that a box of chocolate covered strawberries and a balloon would be exactly what Brielle would want.  When she saw me get out of my car, she was so excited, and it made the trip so worth it!
  I had this idea of taking pictures with her in this adorable tutu dress my friend Courtney made her for Christmas and at the time she didn’t take too much to it, but now, she LOVED it!  It was so fun to see her twirl around, and act crazy and for me to capture it all on the camera.  I truly feel like this holiday is so much more than just one important day, but it is so nice to enjoy the pink and red decor and so much more!
  This year Shane and I got to celebrate a couple of days early going out to eat at this nice restaurant called the Pump House and enjoy a couple of nice drinks over some amazing food.  We love date night!  On the actual Valentine’s Day we started out with waking up early and hitting the gym.  We knew we were going to indulge in delicious wedding food and we wanted to have a good start to the day! Then we headed to the movies (50 shades of grey), and then we attended my friend Keyra and Marco’s beautiful wedding.  It is so nice to be in church on such a special day, celebrating God bringing two people together to spend the rest of their lives with one another.  It was truly such a gift to be there.  Then we ended the night just the two of us catching up on our shows and just spending time together.  We are so excited to celebrate next month’s anniversary and being together for 10 years! We were such babies when we started dating, and can’t believe how much we have grown together since then.
  Here are a few pictures of our love!

Brielle LOVED her Valentine from Auntie Adriane!

Happy wedding day Keyra and Marco!

A LOT of people had the same idea to see this at 11:30A.M lol!

She is growing up so fast!

Picture perfect

This is SO her!

LOVE this picture!

Delicious drinks!

Such a great way to start off the day, on the stair stepper!

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