20 months!!

  Our baby girl is now 20 months!! 4 months away from being 2!! Yes, I have already started planning on her party, and can’t wait to see what it turns out to be! I think I have found the theme for this year, so it will just be planning, planning, planning, in the next few months! She is in such an amazing stage, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our baby girl!! We love you Brielle!!

Height: 34 inches

Weight: 25 pounds

Shoe size: 6.

-Sweets (still!!) I am definitely trying to brush her teeth at least twice a day.
-Barney and Mickey Mouse
-Food- She has been SUPER picky with food lately ( I think it is the cough/congestion making her feel so bad) Just wants a small amount of a particular food.
-Her wubbanub paci still has to be in the crib when she is sleeping (along with two other paci’s)
-Loves to read books
-Coloring “fish” is so fun to her! (daddy’s little girl)
-LOVES to dance!!
-Video chat.  At least once a day with someone she loves
-To text a particular person.  She actually types on the phone.. so cute!
-Animals.  (Her favorite is still our cat Oscar–she has stopped calling all cats oscar though!)
-Puzzles (Has new ABC puzzles and animals from Nana and Papa that she loves!!)
-Talking and singing.
-To show her love for her sister and brother (she now knows that Lamar and Rochelle are in heaven)
-To ride on Daddy’s back (well anyone’s back for that matter!)
-She says “show me kitchen” every time she is hungry.. which this girl snacks a LOT!

-Changing diapers/clothes–unless we bribe her it’s going to be a battle. (STILL)
-Brushing the teeth
-Getting out of the bath. ( I think she has gotten better at this!)
-When we don’t understand what she is trying to say to us. (she will try every way to tell us something, so cute!)
-To be scared.  Or to see scary things. She will say “Mommy noise scary”
-When people are hugging or touching each other.  She will say “Daddy get off mommy!” and shove shane’s hands off of me even if he is touching me.. very controlling.
-To leave mommy (she likes to try to make me feel bad and then stops quickly after)

Teeth: 18 teeth. She has gotten her molars!! AHH ! Talk about terrible teething.

Diapers: Size 5.  Bought some potty training diapers and she has been doing great!! Asking her every two hours while she is awake if she wants to pee for a tic-tac and majority of the time, she will go! YAY!

Signing- More, sad, happy, dirty, hot, cold, all done, milk, thank you, please, horse, cry, apple, yellow, red, blue, pink (we are working on colors a LOT lately!)

Words-She is saying just about everything on her mind.  She will try to show us something if we are not getting what she is asking.

Understanding- I truly feel like she understands almost everything.  If she doesn’t, and we re-word it, I truly think she will understand.

I can’t wait to see what next month brings! Brielle is such an amazing, happy, little toddler! (Ok, most of the time! haha)

Brielle with the bulldog at the Yoakum High School

haha she did not want to let go of this ball!

Looking so cute on the hay stack!

Always trying to count, so precious!

“helping” me with the laundry

Morning baby, so cute!

haha we were stacking blocks, until she sat in the box..

Having fun at the park!

Sliding down the slide, she loveeees to do this!

wrapped in the ribbon from Rochelle’s memorial!

Looking so cute before heading to Granny and Paw-Paw’s house

She caught the ball at Rhyleigh’s game! 

Our beauty

Nana with her girls!

This is all I see when I chat with Brielle. ALL LIPS! lol!

Minnie Mouse time!

Our little girl, acting crazy!

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