She’s got the whole world in her hands

  A couple of weekends ago at church, the choir was singing “He’s got the whole world in His hands”, and it hit me; Brielle really does have the whole world in her hands.   These last three months of being at home ( I was only able to work one weekend when Rochelle was alive) gave me so much time to spend with my girls.  This past month of just being pretty much me and Brielle during the day while Shane works, has made me realize that Brielle has the potential to accomplish so much in her life.
  I have really been able to sit down one on one and teach her things again and really cherish all the one on one time we have gotten to have.  I am only working a couple of weeks in February before we start back up working both jobs again in March.  I can truly tell our bond has grown so much and even days where she is stuck to me like velcro, I know there will a day in the future where I would wish she could be this age again and in this phase.
  Shane and I both wonder what kind of person she will be when she grows up, how she will treat others, and if she will have a loving heart to help others in need.  It’s so crazy to think that she will be one day graduating high school and attending college to pursue her dreams.  We can only hope and pray that God gives us the strength and guidance to lead her down the right path, and follow her dreams, whatever they shall be.
  We love this crazy, wild, sugar-loving toddler with all of our heart and we only hope the best for her.  I know in 18 years I will look back at this post and be very happy with the person she has become.

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