Haven of Hope

  During this time of grieving, I have not really connected with other moms that have been in my position, or had a support group to go to just talk about my feelings and where I stand( my family and friends have been amazing by the way and have been there for me) but I do feel like I will be able to connect on a deeper level, that only each other can understand.  My friend, Laura Brown, reached out to me and told me there was a Church Retreat coming up in March for moms who have lost a child(ren).
  In my heart, going to something by myself scares me so much.  After a lot of praying and thinking about it, I have chosen to attend the retreat this year March 20-22.  I have asked God to help both Shane and I with our grieving process and to continue to give us strength, power, and knowledge to help others.  I know this is the perfect place to help with this process, and that God directly spoke through Laura to tell me about this retreat.
  In case anyone is wondering about the retreat the cost is $200 per person to attend the retreat held in Round Top, Texas (which is a little over an hour from my house) and it begins Friday afternoon and goes through Sunday around Lunch time.
  The Haven of Hope ministries is a non-denominational ministry with the sole desire to minister to moms who have suffered the death of a child by offering comfort, hope and encouragement. We host an annual retreat where moms can have a safe place to work through the grief process, share their feelings and talk about their child/children.  Our desire is that you will walk away with encouragement, friendships, love and above all hope.”  
  I cannot wait to go on this retreat, and meet many of the moms who are walking in my shoes and we can share the beautiful stories of our children to one another.  If you would be interested in attending you can click here to find out more information.  

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