Pink for Rochelle

  On January 11, 2015 we celebrated Rochelle’s life by having a memorial service for her. All of our close family and friends got together, along with our church and made the day so special and meaningful to us and we know Rochelle was looking down probably smiling that little smile of hers.
  The days in between her passing and her memorial are pretty much a blur.  All I know is that I had to make a lot of decisions, and fast so that everyone could get everything done that we would like to be done.  Both of my sister in laws did great and provided so much help, we couldn’t thank them enough.  One helped with the pictures, and printing them out and putting them in gorgeous frames and helped along with desserts and decorations, and my other one helped pretty much with the program and the days events (everything from making the program and making sure the church service went well to helping back at the Harry O’Gibson center where we all gathered for the balloon release and the celebratory feast.)
  The church service was amazing, and was held at our church (St. James Baptist Church) our Pastor Rev. Lynn Jones did amazing with his words and his kindness during this time for our family. Our niece Rhyleigh read such a meaningful poem and one of our church members sang such a beautiful song “I give myself away”. It went so smooth, and we appreciated everyone who got up to speak something positive for Rochelle.  She was truly loved by so many, and we cannot thank you all so much for all those kind words you spoke of us and our beautiful daughter.  I also loved that Shane and I got to speak words of love, kindness, and encouragement for our baby girl, we know deep in our hearts that she is having a blast in Heaven, not hooked up to any monitors and not having to struggle any more to breathe.
  Following the church service, we all gathered at the Harry O’ Gibson center and started with the letters to Rochelle on the bottom of each balloon, and then releasing them with Shane, Brielle and I standing in the middle surrounded by all of our family and friends around us.  It was so uplifting to be able to write one last positive note to our baby girl before releasing that balloon and it truly gives us so much comfort knowing we were able to make that happen.
  Then it was time for the prayer over the food and gathering time and just seeing all of our close family and friends attend, made the day that more special.  God truly gave me the strength and power to make the day so beautiful and special and even though I wish I could have had a photographer there at the memorial taking pictures of things that I do not ever want to forget, I know that I will always remember what is important, and that is our perfect little baby girl.

Thank you to ALL of our family and friends in making the day unforgettable and helping so much with Brielle in the process to give us time to think, heal, and pray.  We love each and every one of you.

We love you our perfect baby girl 🙂

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