Best of 2014!

  Although this has been an amazing year with a lot of ups and downs, we are so happy to be moving into 2015 at home with both of our girls healthy and happy.  This time last year Shane and I spent the last moments of welcoming the new year at my best friends house, Brielle spent the night with my parents (can’t believe she was 6 months old then!), and we were talking about our plans for this year and where we wanted to be as a couple and as a family. I hope everyone has a great time celebrating tonight and we wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!
  • January
-Brielle turned 7 months
-Shane and I decided to officially start trying for another baby in February
-I started coming up with my first ideas for my blog
  • February
-I wrote my first blog here
– I decided to share Brielle’s birth story
  • March
-Shane and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary
-Brielle turned 9 months!!
-Found out that we were pregnant!
  • April
-Brielle turned 10 months!
-We took Brielle’s spring pictures and they turned out beautiful
-Brielle’s first Easter was a hit! She loved Easter Egg Hunting
  • May
-My first Mother’s Day and Shane turned 27!
-Brielle turned 11 months!
-Brielle was full on walking!!
  • June
-Brielle turned 12 months!
-Shane celebrated his first Father’s Day
-We found out that it’s a GIRL!
  • July
-We found out at an 18 week check up that Rochelle had Trisomy 13
-Our first Echo was done on Rochelle in utero
-I came to realize it’s ok to say no without feeling so guilty
  • August
-I was 25 weeks pregnant with Rochelle
-We celebrated my 26th birthday early
-We had our second opinion from the cardiologist
  • September
-I turned 26 and was 29 weeks pregnant!
-I wrote about having a week full of love
-It’s so important to celebrate the little things
  • October
-Shane and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary
-I went into major nesting mode getting ready for Rochelle’s arrival
-We took our fall family pictures
  • November
-We welcomed our second gorgeous daughter into the world
-We stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for the first time
-I wrote about surviving the NICU
  • December
-Brielle turned 18 months!
-We had our Christmas part 1 at my parent’s house
-We survived our first hospital visit since being released from the NICU here!

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