Brielle is 18 months!!

Yes, we have had a crazy last few months and I can’t believe Brielle is already 18 months! She brings so much joy to our lives, we wouldn’t know what to do without her. She is such a great big sister and loves trying to care for her and help in any way possible.

Height: 33 inches

Weight: 24 pounds 7 oz.

-She honestly loves food (she definitely has a sweet tooth)
-She loves to TRY to feed herself pretty much everything.  And in her perfect world, she would.
-Her wubbanub paci (she actually ripped one of her paci’s in half while 8 teeth were coming in!)
– LOVES to color–I mean it’s an all day activity.
-LOVES to dance!! This girl has got some rhythm!
-She loves to IMO chat with her cousins and Nana and Grandpa!
-She likes to try to do all of the reading in her books now
-Her favorite animal is still a cat–not just any cat, our cat Oscar.
-Puzzles have been a big like for her lately
-Talking is what she does all day and loves to share her opinion
-To take the backs off the remote controls( the battery as well)
-Loving on her baby sister… maybe a little too much sometimes 🙂

– Changing diapers/clothes–This has a love/hate relationship where sometimes she will just lay down and do it and other days she will kick/scream/cry the whole time while doing it
– Getting out of the bath.  If she could stay in there all day just playing with the water, I am sure she would.
– Being told “no”. She now says it back with a finger wave included at times. at-ti-tude.
-When the dogs bark she immediately says “hush” to them
-Wipe her face and get out any boogers

Teeth: 16 teeth. WOW I am so glad we have gotten through the worst part of all of this teething mess. It’s been a tough road these last couple of months but they have finally all broken through the gums at least and now we are waiting for them to come in.

Diapers: Size 4.  She is almost getting too big for them which I am hoping that means that we move up to the next step pretty soon and start to potty train 🙂

Signing- More, sad, happy, dirty, hot, cold, all done, milk, thank you, please (we are currently working on colors and feelings with signs)
Words- Wow, this amazes me as well because she will pretty much be talking all day while she is awake. She loves to repeat back what you say, and when you are telling a story about something she said or did she likes to do it again to show you (cutest thing ever). She has increased her vocabulary a lot in 6 months and we can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings!
Understanding- She understands most things that are told to her and she will say “huh” when she doesn’t (Shane and I are definitely guilty of this)

Morning crazy hair 

Looking so grown up!

Eating on top of the table..typical

Counting time

So adorable!

Thinking her sisters chair is hers as well

Standing up in the shopping cart..oh toddler-hood

This is Rochelle’s as well. She thinks it’s hilarious 

mommy’s glasses

Eating…typical 🙂
These months have been amazing with all of the learning and growing she has done and we can’t wait to see how much she grows between now and turning 2!

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