Rochelle is one month old!!

  Wow, a LOT has gone on in the short month that Rochelle has been here! It seems like she is months older then she really is, but I think that’s just my lack of sleep feeling that way.  It’s crazy because for a moment (while starting this blog) I had a peaceful quiet noise with both kids asleep and daddy taking a nap as well, but I was quickly reminded by Brielle that quietness doesn’t last long in this household.
  Since coming home from the hospital, I have been so busy with making appointments (we finally had her first out of hospital appointment with her new pediatrician which was nice), I still need to make an appointment for her to go see the eye doctor, cardiologist, GI specialist, and make calls to home health next week and order more supplies from her supply company.  I stay busy, but I am SO glad Shane has been able to be here with me during this month and really help me stay grounded and pray with me during the good times, and the bad.  (thank you so much to my mom as well, you are amazing!!)
  God has blessed us with a great hospice agency near our small town to help kind of get more settled at home and help with anything Rochelle may need at this time.  She is doing great by the way, she still has labored breathing, but has not shown us any major scares and has adjusted to being at home quite well.  She continues to be on her two medications (lasix, and prevacid) which we give once a day, and continues to be on oxygen at 0.25L per nasal cannula, and has her NG tube in for feedings which her doctor increased to 50ml/hr every 3 hours. yay! (she was showing me signs of more hunger in between feedings so I asked if we could increase it by a small amount and she has tolerated it great!)
 By continuing tradition I will write her stats on here, just like I did with Brielle.

Height: 20 inches (yay, she grew an inch already)

Weight: 6 pounds 15 oz.

-Food (she definitely knows when it’s time to eat!) She gets breastmilk and formula (elecare) every feeding .
-Being held
-Sleeping all day (what it feels like at least), and up all night
-Being swaddled
-Sleeping on her side (she will sleep on her back but it won’t last long)
-Car rides (she will wake up if we are stopped too long at light, but will soon go back to sleep)

-Being woken up (for feedings, diaper changes, etc)
-Being moved from one position to the other when she’s comfortable
-Being naked

-Crying is pretty much her only form of language at this point.  When she was first born she had such a soft little cry.  Now she definitely gets her point across when she’s upset–she still will desat (drop her oxygen levels) when she is so upset she forgets to breathe while crying, but they go back to her normal right away.

Here are a few cute pictures from her first month!

YAY! A huge celebration 🙂

sisterly love

daddy love

playing on her playmat

Picture time

We love her so much

Our precious baby

gorgeous baby

Enjoying some outside sun for a bit

Thanksgiving day

Carseat test–passed with flying colors, yay!

Rockin’ an outfit by Auntie Adriane

Very tired but all worth it

Her paci looks the half the size of her face! 🙂

Bow time!

Under the Bilirubin light

Daddy love.
We are so excited we have been able to both be off work and spend every day with our baby girl.  We love our girls so much!  Thank you so much for all of the continued prayers for our baby Rochelle 🙂

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