Ronald McDonald House

  When we first got transferred to the NICU here in San Antonio, we were thinking a temporary stay (maybe a few days) and be able to go home and live life as a family of four.  Well, when we found out on day 2 of being here, that we were going to be here for at least two weeks, we knew we had to somehow get a vehicle here in San Antonio for me to be able to use, and find a place to sleep.

  That’s where the Ronald McDonald House comes in to play.  The nurses told us that we could stay at this house that is a mile and half away from the hospital for free while Rochelle is in the NICU.  We got a reference letter from the hospital and immediately went to the house.  The people there are SO sweet and caring and understand what each and every family is going through by not asking too many questions and signing a few papers, and giving us a room key that consists of two twin beds, and a bathroom in each room.  Uh-mazing!  You are able to have up to 4 people in each room, and if you have children they are able to stay with you as well.  They don’t have cribs at the house we are at, but different locations may have some so Brielle is unable to stay with us at the house.  Though, when she comes to visit she has a blast in the kids playroom area and running around the two story huge house.  
  Not only do you have a room to sleep in (which is really all you need in life is a nice bed to get a few hours of shut eye without all the constant beeping machines and babies crying before returning back to the hospital), but they have volunteers that sign up to come cook meals for everyone in the house at least a few times a week and a nice, home-cooked hot meal is HEAVEN when you are running on little energy or hospital food while being with your baby.   I thank God so much for each and every volunteer that has taken their time to cook for us, speak words of encouragement, and just to really reach out to each and every one of us families.  
  If you are ever near a Ronald McDonald house and you would like to donate toys for the kids, your time to cook a special meal for everyone in the house, or you would like to speak words of encouragement to the families, I know all gestures would be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to find out more information on what events help donate to keep the houses running you can click on their home page here.  
  Thank you to all of the many volunteers that has made our stay here in San Antonio much better.

Riding in the toy car.  She loves it! 

Brushing teeth time! 

It’s all about staying positive 🙂 


Loving the bean bag chair in the room! 

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