Welcome to the world Rochelle!!


So as I write this post of Rochelle’s birth let me just start by saying it was the most exhilarating experience of my life, and I wouldn’t change a single thing.
Shane and I were so excited we got no sleep before our appointment Thursday morning at 9:00am knowing that if I had dilated any more then a 4 that my doctor would send me over to Citizens Hospital to have my baby girl and induce my labor, even if I wasn’t having a good labor pattern because he knows my wishes of not wanting to have my baby in my home town! My parents came that morning to our house to watch Brielle, just in case we were sent to the hospital right after our appointment, which we really prayed that, that was the case.
As we headed to the appointment, we said a prayer for a good nurse and a great delivery of our healthy baby girl if today was going to be the day that we would deliver.  We arrived and of course got my weight and I gave a urine sample and then waited to see the doctor.  During my assessment he said I measured 5cm dilated and 50% effaced and he would send me over to deliver.  We got so excited we called my mom and told them the great news and when to bring Brielle to the hospital.  My best friend Adriane also made her way to the hospital and we were good to go!
Upon arrival a not so nice nurse told me that they had no rooms and was complaining about me coming in with no contractions to be induced and I was not happy to be hearing that, considering I knew that I would most likely be in and out since I was already a 5!  When my nurse (a nurse friend that I graduated RN school with) came in, I was so excited and she was definitely in for the ride of her life 🙂
I arrived to the hospital around 10am and did not get started on Pitocin (a medication used to induce labor and contractions) until 1:30pm.  We (me, my doctor, shane, the nurse) all agreed that I would be intermittently monitored so I could walk around during my labor and really breathe and find new positions during contractions since I wanted to be all natural. I went from a 5cm-7cm in an hour after being on the medicine and once she decided to kick up the pitocin by 2units I was REALLY feeling the contractions and within an hour went from a 7cm to an 8cm where my water broke and I started feeling the contractions literally every minute and my mom helped me sit in the bath water for relaxation purposes and that did not work because all I could tell my mom since I was in so much pain and screaming “ouch”, “Jesus” and “tell the nurse to get me an EPIDURAL” even though I knew in my head I was really just ready to push baby girl out.  At this time, my mom got me comfortable on my bed and this Neurologist came in to talk to us about Rochelle and what he was going to look for and I said to him “can you not see I’m having a contraction” and asked him to please wait until I was done.
So much for the waiting, because literally my nurse checked me and I was a 10cm fully dilated and fully effaced at 4:03pm, my doctor wasn’t even there and my nurse was calling everyone that was suppose to be in there for delivery.  Well at 4:08pm I felt the BIGGEST overwhelming rush come over my body and I said I have to push NOW, I was laying on my side in bed, and I turned over to my back, looked at Shane who was still rubbing my back and luckily a nurse came running in the room, grabbed a towel and I pushed Rochelle out in one push while she caught her in a towel without any time to put on gloves or gown up and she was such a blessing in disguise.  EVERYONE came running into the room and started to assess her right away, her oxygen was so low that they applied 50% supplemental oxygen right away and did vitals, took pics with daddy and gave us a little bonding time (Brielle LOVED her right away!!) until they whisked her away to the NICU/nursery to be monitored more thoroughly and see kind of all what’s going on.  I soon delivered the placenta and was ready to get up and showered right after birth.
She does show apparent signs of Trisomy 13 (labored breathing, does have a hole in the heart so their is a soft murmur, and contracted hands (which we are hoping since is able to open them and extend them that therapy can really work with her on that), round cheeks, big nose, and a bright little pimple like spot on the top of head, and low muscle tone) so we are currently in San Antonio at Santa Rosa Christus Hospital getting the best care and treatment possible for our baby girl and doing whatever we can to give her the best life possible.
Thank you for all the continued prayers, this is going to be a hard time with our family, but we know God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle and she is definitely a fighter and we can’t wait to fight with her on this journey!

Family of four!!




6 pounds 5 ounces,  19 inches long


Proud grandparents!!


Sister love!


Holding hands 🙂


Auntie lovin’


Newborn sticker on my precious maternity shirts blanket 🙂

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