37 week check-up :)

Baby: 37 weeks and 5 days! Baby girl is now full term but I really don’t consider babies full term until 39 weeks so the lungs and the brain can keep growing and forming.   She should also be weighing a little more than 6 pounds so that would be great! Still moving around a lot which is great and her heart rate at the appointment was 144bpm.  My doctor said if she has not came on her own by next week he will send me to the hospital to have her! We might be meeting baby Rochelle VERY soon!

Mommy: Feeling a lot of pressure lately, but still no cramping, contractions (that are painful), or vaginal bleeding or my water breaking so labor has not yet started yet! This has been such a relaxing week to spend with Brielle and Shane and just enjoy these last couple of weeks of being a family of three. The doctor stated that I am almost dilated to a 4 and will most likely go into good labor soon, so we shall see! I am definitely doing more stretches/mild workouts to try to build some muscle back up to do an all natural labor! (Yes, that is my goal–God may have other plans and we completely ok with whatever it will take to get Rochelle out healthy and safe).

Daddy: We got our family pictures back in, so daddy has been hard at work putting up all the new wall decor which is so cute and cozy, can’t wait to see it when it’s all done! We both read an article about how adults overuse the word “no” and “don’t” which is definitely Shane and I, so we are really working on saying other words instead since that is a common word we hear from our 16 month old right now!

Cravings: Honestly not much, yes today was Halloween and we did indulge on some candy but other then that not much at all.

Brielle: Definitely was NOT a huge fan of Halloween with everyone dressing up and wearing masks (she is terrified of them) so we were holding her the entire time trick-or-treating.  Other then that, this past week we have been practicing with numbers, colors, and animals.  She used to LOVE cows, until she heard she heard our friends cow up close and personal so we are having to work her way back to loving them!  We are so glad that on our daily walks we see goats, horses, donkeys, chickens, and cows that we get to show her what she is learning in the books.  So cool!

Here are a few pics from this last week! 🙂

Happy Halloween,  she could barely stand still (as you can tell by her feet lol!) 

Loves to play peek-a-boo

Where has time gone?? 

After the appointment I finally got to enjoy some mommy pampering time and get my eyebrows done and a pedicure while Shane watched Brielle at the mall and it was so nice to have that time to myself!  It’s going to be a lot harder to come by pretty soon!  🙂

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